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I’m so proud that The Garden Apartments is finally here! It’s my baby, my creation and my web series about a woman (me!) who has married a serial killer (Stephen Root!) who is put away for life in prison. And when he gets released unexpectedly and wants her to move in with him as his wife, well…she’s terrified and hits the panic button. I mean, wouldn’t you? And don’t get on your high horse and say you wouldn’t have married a killer in the first place! You don’t know me! Watch it on Funny or Die, or Youtube, and get ready to cringe.

Garden Apartments on Youtube
Garden Apartments on Funny or Die


Giggling with the lovely Casey Wilson is so much fun. Add Ken Marino to the mix and welcome to “Rad-Town.” (I like to think they would like that line.) Marry Me starts October 14th on NBC. And if you keep tuning in, it’s quite possible that I could do something funny. Or weird. Or funny and weird. Just watch.